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Living Life in Alignment & Joy

AT THE HELM is both a memoir and a guidebook on how to live your life in alignment and joy. This step by step, common-sense approach makes it less daunting and helps you leverage this powerful proven system to take your life to new levels.

Journey the five pillars to sustainable change and learn to fuel your mind, body, and spirit daily. It’s time to go after the freedom that comes with being in charge of your life.

I love helping my clients discover new levels of  Clarity and Flow.


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Harnessing the Quantum Field

When we fuel our mind, body, and spirit daily, we create “inner synergy.” I believe this synergy is when our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in perfect resonance. This is how we consistently learn to harness the power of flowstate.

Anything we create from this state of alignment while fully in the now, will always serve the greater good of the collective. Self mastery activates the Divine Alchemist within us. You are now energy creating matter. An aligned, intentional co-creator.

8 Men Share Their Stories of Growth, Healing, & Spiritual Awakening.

"We Are The Sacred Masculine Rising"

The Journey Inward

“This book is an inspiring true story of the author’s personal transformation. In it, Michael offers you a practical and proven
step-by-step approach that will make it easy for you to embrace the necessary changes required to step into action and transform your health, your career, and your relationships — beginning with yourself.”

Maureen (Mo) HaganCanadian Fitness Influencer, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

“Thank you for the simplicity of your book. Although the concepts are deep and profound, you captured them in a way that anyone can understand and utilize. The way you wove your own personal stories throughout the book is probably what I liked the most. It humanizes the concepts and brings them to life.”

Mia JerrittExecutive And Integrated Life Coaching

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a better life

a better life

a better life

a better life

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