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Michael Doyle is a gifted speaker and believes everyone can follow their dreams and discover the deeper purpose of their life. With his high energy, he talks about managing fear, positive mindset, power of belief, and his latest program, “Creating from the Quantum Field.”

Helping others find more clarity and flow you can see and feel his passion for unlocking the potential in others. He is a natural at creating connection, finding humour and engaging with his audiences and will have you wanting to intentionally fuel your Mind, Body and Spirit daily!

Your Inner Power 0:50

Life either happens “to” you or “for” you. You choose to give away your power or to claim it!

Did You Live Your Life? 2:18

Life is eternal however I believe during our human experience on this earth we all have a “Soul’s Mission.”

Set Your Target 1:49

When you set goals that excite you and scare you can grow into the person that achieves them.

Amaze Yourself 33:25

In this online Summit, I share some of my personal struggles, transformation and the lessons learned.

The Journey 15:01

In this previous Facebook live I was able to share a little about my journey and the “Why” behind at what I do.

“At The Helm” Launch 5:55

A brief Roger’s TV interview where once again I share my story and announce the book launch for my first book, “At The Helm.”

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