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Now is the time to grow and scale your vision!


Learn how Clarity becomes the jet fuel for your new life.



Develop fear-busting techniques that really work!.



Implement easy ways to unlock more time in your day.



Learn how to live and create from a place of “Flow.”

Elite Leadership

As a Leadership Seer I support the strategy and soul side of the business. We are all alchemist and I help CEO’s and their teams grow and expand personally and professionally.

I am grateful to be a contributing author in Peak Performance and share five mindset shifts, that help leaders create high performance teams!

Business Alchemy

As a master of Flow I naturally guide CEO's and their teams to harness the power of flow-state. While experiencing a state-of-flow you can increase your productivity up to 400-500 %. Imagine what a team in collective flow will do for you and your business.

I am an expert in getting everyone in the same boat, rowing in the same direction, excited to be there, know where they are going, and clear on how they individually contribute to the team and vision. Are you ready to leverage the natural strengths of your team?

Flourish with Optimism

If you are feeling stuck or are simply ready for the next level your soul is seeking, I am your personal GPS that will support your unique journey from where you are to where you truly want to go.

Live Deliberately

My role is to guide you to see and believe in your potential, so you can ignite it from within. More importantly, I ensure the journey is more fulfilling while you work towards achieving your deeper vision.

At the moment of commitment the entire universe
conspires to assist you.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I can honestly say that working with Michael has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. His coaching has been an invaluable investment for both my personal and professional life. Michael is an incredible coach – undoubtedly one of the best in Canada! He asks the right questions at the right time, setting focus on things that are truly important. He is also an inspiration unto himself, and he practices what he preaches. In my case, Michael's process of helping me find clarity has been truly liberating, and his positive energy, boundless encouragement, and skillful guidance has been a Godsend for me, my team, and my family. I highly, highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve themselves or find more clarity in their life.

Thor SimonsenCreative Director, Hitmakerz

Michael started my journey of discovery and growth. I am so grateful for his knowledge in helping me gain clarity and to unveiling my “why”. Besides a passionate coach and speaker, he is also the author of “At The Helm,” and a co-author in the red book of passion “I Know Why.” Michael loves igniting clarity within others inspiring them to become better.

Christine BartoszewiczHealth & Wellness Enthusiast

Working with Michael and all his wisdom and knowledge has been a blessing for my business. His clarity sessions are truly life transforming and amazing in every way.
I highly recommend that you reach out to Michael if you are defining your path or simply not fully clear on where and what exactly you want for yourself and your business.
I am extremely thankful for his wealth of knowledge and deeply intuitive coaching approach.

Kyle BlytheCEO & Founder Awesome-Preneurs Inc.

Michael has been recognized as one of the Top Intuitive Coaches  by Coach Foundation.

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